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Victor Kopyev, M.D. is a practicing internist with 25 years of experience treating chronic disease. Through this experience, along with his training through Cenegenics, Dr. Kopyev takes a 360 ° approach to his patients’ healthcare and prevention.

Age Management Medicine is not a new concept in the medical field. It concentrates on targeting the causes of aging and preventing disease before it can affect the body. An ancient Chinese proverb states, “The inferior physician treats the disease once it occurs. The mediocre physician prevents the disease from coming back. The superior physician prevents the disease from ever occurring.”

It is a simple fact of life that we all age. Some will age more gracefully than others. Hormone Replacement Therapy has been used successfully for over eight decades to control and prevent weight gain, metabolic slowdown, energy decline, loss of libido, depression, hair loss, memory decay, physical signs of aging, and chronic diseases.

However, in the past many people suffered from the side effects of synthetic hormone replacement. A newer approach to hormone therapy takes the place of previously rejected conjugated equine estrogens (CCE) for women, due to an increased risk in breast cancer, heart attacks, and strokes, and specific protocols have been designed for men. This new approach to replenishing deficient hormones is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which uses hormones identical in molecular structure and function to the hormones produced in the human body, and this can help to prevent many inconvenient side effects.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can be used for a wide variety of symptoms and diseases. BHRT is used for hormonal imbalances, which means that it begins with prevention of disease, but it can be used as a compliment to any traditional medical treatment, to eliminate symptoms, or as a complete treatment. The situation always is dependent upon the individual’s unique circumstances, and another positive aspect to BHRT is that it can be customized to fit individual needs.

There are a wide variety of benefits that Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can offer, and some of these include:

  •  Increased energy levels
  •  Enhanced sex drive and sexual function
  •  Reducing the appearance of aging
  •  Protecting bones from osteoporosis
  •  Eliminating night sweats and hot flashes
  •  Promoting hair re-growth
  •  Eliminating dry and fragile or thin skin
  •  Preventing or reduce atrophy
  •  Decreasing the risk of UTIs
  •  Lessening incontinence
  •  Averting prolapse
  •  Preventing weight gain
  •  Improving body index and muscle tone
  •  Decreasing insulin resistance
  •  Cutting the risk of diabetes mellitus
  •  Diminishing risk of arteriosclerosis with arterial hypertension, strokes, renal failure
  •  Decreasing risk of atherosclerosis with strokes, peripheral vascular disease, coronary artery disease, heart attack and angina
  •  Improving congestive heart failure
  •  Improving memory and concentration
  •  Decreasing risk of vascular and Alzheimer’s dementia
  •  Improving mood
  •  Reducing nervousness and anxiety
  •  Improving sleep patterns
  •  Improving “mental fog” and productivity
  •  Decreasing risk of macular degeneration
  •  Decreasing overall risk of cancer, including breast and uterine

Men and women suffering from hormone decline have a decision to make about their health and future that impacts their family and loved ones. Patients should not wait anymore and do not need push their health aside because wellbeing is extremely important. Dr. Kopyev can explain all of the benefits of the program, give patients some realistic timeliness, or point them in another direction that would be most beneficial.

The goal at Forever Ageless is to place patients in the lowest possible risk category of disease, particularly heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease, thereby extending the patients’ health spans. This all encompassing approach aims at not only allowing patients to reach recognized standards of care, but to also look for optimal care for themselves as an individual, by not just improving numbers and decreasing relative risk, but also by making them feel better and more alive.

Dr. Kopyev can do this by merging the best of cutting edge conventional Internal Medicine, Age Management Medicine, and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. The process is simple, and Dr. Kopyev will begin with an evaluation that analyzes the current health state through a conversation, a thorough physical exam, and an extensive lab analysis. He can then determine the best course of action to eliminate symptoms. With his help, men and women can reach their full potential as human beings, and love every moment of it!

Please call Akron Ohio Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Victor Kopyev, M.D., of Forever Ageless Age Management directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 521 Today!